8 Important Facebook Marketing Tips You Need to Know

8 Quick Tips to Professional Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is pretty easy at a basic level, but there are certain things yu must do. Here’s a checklist of 8 quick tips I’ve put together you should try to incorporate when posting on Facebook:

1) Understand your audience

Good Facebook marketing needs to be tailored. Ask questions, use a monitoring tool like Mention, and get to know the people you’re talking to.

2) Talk with them, not at them

Facebook users want engaging content, not constant commercials. Share stories, foster discussion, and keep people happy they followed you.

3) Know when to post

Use a social scheduling tool, and find out when your followers are most active. Schedule posts to reach them at the perfect times.

1 – 4pm weekdays is generally considered the best time to post.

4) Keep it on-brand

If you’re a laidback brand, post funny things. If not, be careful. Followers expect a certain tone from brands on social, and a tasteless comment can go viral in a hurry.

5) Share great content

People follow you because they like what they see. Create, find, and share content that keeps them interested and makes you look good.

Sharing other users’ content is a win for both parties.

6) Break Through with video

Moving pictures are eye-catching and take up valuable space in the feed. And if it’s good, Facebook users will share it far and wide. And don’t forget the subtitles.

7) Work with influencers

We think of influencers on Instagram, but they’re all over Facebook too. Find power users in your industry, and see if they’re share your posts. Often, you only need to ask.

8) Be personal

Address users by name, using a conversational tone. Don’t post like a robot. This is social media, and users enjoy a familiar touch.


What are some tips you would add to this list?

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