WHO: This site is designed to appeal to sophisticated marketers that have experience in their field. Marketing Coordinators, Marketing Managers, Content Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, Early Stage Startup Founders (because they’re likely hiring marketers or very involved in marketing) AND anyone in an organization that touches inbound marketing or content marketing.

WHAT: MarketingDesk.io is a hub for the best marketing tools, tips, ideas, discussion and articles for serious marketing professionals. It caters to digital marketers primarily, but also should help academic marketers, researchers and those who take a more sophisticated approach to marketing strategy. Not really affiliate marketing or people that are just getting started.

I include a Facebook page and Facebook group for discussion/community purposes. It’s open to anyone interested, although the FB group is currently closed to the public in order to keep it manageable and spam-free. All you have to do is request to join, though to be approved, so please check them out! I also set up a publication at Medium to share ideas and articles, because it’s a great place to write and as a marketer, you can’t ignore Medium.