Automate Marketing Tasks Using Buffer, IFTTT & Zapier Hacks

Marketing Automation, Even More Automated

You simply have to automate your tasks as a digital marketer or else you’ll be spending all your time chasing chipmunks instead of hunting elephants. If that metaphor makes no sense to you, it’s like this: save your valuable time by creating systems to handle the minute day-to-day affairs so you can focus on more important jobs.

IFTTT and Zapier are great API tools that let you do this, and when you combine them with Buffer, they become even more powerful. Zapier can be more difficult to set up than IFTTT and be harder to master but you can set up more complex tasks and use more than one social profile, unlike IFTTT. Here’s a comparison of the two tools, in fact.

Whichever you choose, or if you choose both, these hacks should save you lots of valuable time, or at least automate some things that you never knew were even possible.



Here are some blogs that offer some awesome Marketing recipes which don’t involve Buffer but will save you time: