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Free Infographics Tools for Marketers

Infographics have permeated the web over the past few years, for good or bad. Mostly by marketers, it seems because they provide bite-sized snippets in a well-designed, versatile graphic that may be shared with other media or on its own. They basically are collections of supporting stats and smaller graphics of a larger point the poster is trying to make in a visually-appealing package.

That can be a powerful thing, or it can be harmful to credibility and compromise the integrity and message of the post. Not everyone is a graphic designer, and no everyone is rigorous when collecting and presenting data.

I recently came across a post that presented the “fact” all information that the brain processes are visual.” It derived that tidbit from an infographic the author took from another person’s post, which appeared on yet another post on another publication.

That claim seemed dubious to me since our ears are always “on” and our eyes are closed around a third of our lives. I wanted to see the citation, being somewhat academic and curious about such things. I followed the infographic and claim back to…a dead end. In other words, to me, it was made up. There was no fact-checking done by the previous authors, which will forever make me raise an eyebrow at their work.

In any case, that’s just a lesson for me when creating infographics. I personally don’t make many/any of them, but being a creative type, it seems like it would be fun, and helpful to posts in my marketing endeavors. They’re very popular for sharing on social media. So I easily rounded up a list of 8 free tools for creating infographics.

I don’t plan on trying them all. I use the Adobe Creative Suite a lot, which is powerful and I could probably pump out a unique infographic pretty easily with all the assets I already have quite quickly, and it would be more creatively rewarding to me. But I do like Google products and try to keep things under one roof. Which is especially easy with Google since they offer SO many free, great tools and products. So I plan on at least using the Google Charts Tool, which most likely plays well with Google Data Studio and Google Analytics, and Google Sheets, and Google…you get the point.

Here are 8 Infographics Tools to Try Out

What say you? Are there any great infographic tools not here that should be? What do you use and why? Do you even use infographics? Why or why ot?


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