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Great Collection of Marketing Tools on Product Hunt

Product Hunt has become one of, if not my very favorite websites, to replace Chris Coyier’s Codepen. As the young founder, Ryan Hoover has done an amazing job of building that site up and I was involved from the very early days — member number 16000 or something — so I’ve followed along, and it’s been quite impressive. It is a resource that constantly is solving people’s pain points and does so in an imaginative and fun way. I check it about as much as I do Facebook, in fact. Over time, it’s grown to include an “Ask” category, startups products(Ship) and more. And it continues to grow. It’s been a huge success.

Ryan initially sent out a bunch of beta invites to select people, like me, and built up a community while populating the site with content. It was a Y Combinator venture. His strategy worked REALLY well and continues to do so, even though Product Hunt was quickly acquired. He still works for it, though of course and is very involved. There’s a lot of marketing tips you can learn from Ryan, and although I’m sure he’s faced challenges, he’s simply done an outstanding job of building up that business and sustaining it and himself consistently nice. He’s not even a marketer- just an entrepreneur who had an idea and kicked ass building it out. PH started out as a guide to parking garages or something but pivoted and did a great job in that re-evaluation. In addition to that, Ryan seems like a really nice guy, which is part of the authenticity aspect of the marketing, which is huge.

There’s a curated collection of marketing tools that I’ve found to be super-useful and/or high-quality, so I thought people might want to check out what’s been hand-picked over time. Obviously, not all will be of utility to everyone, but I guarantee you’ll find some things that will rock your world.

Actually, there’s plenty of room for both Codepen and Product Hunt to be favorites, and a bunch of others to be called my “favorite site” as well. It all depends on what you need or want, which is a core characteristic of marketing anyway.