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New Facebook Marketing Pros Group

Marketing Pros on Facebook

To complement this website, which is the headquarters for Marketing Desk, and the Facebook page for this site, I’ve set up a Facebook group as well, which already consists of some heavy-hitters in the marketing world. I know how such things tend to attract all sorts of people that are looking to use it for the wrong reasons, so it’s private. I may change that in the future, but for now, you’ll have ot be approved to join. Yes, it’s THAT exclusive.

The RIGHT reasons are to discuss marketing seriously, share tools, tips and ideas about actual marketing. Not sales, not affiliate marketing with a bunch of links and crap. Serious marketing, branding and along the lines of academic and corporate-type marketing pursuits. There’s a lot of stuff and marketers online, so it should quickly become a pretty good resource.

Check it out and join!

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